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Cold Storage Warehouse Locations

Central Locations, International Reputation

Our close proximity to major ports and routeways gives us the opportunity to service a multitude of customer types both nationally and internationally.

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Castlecool Lough Egish (Listside)

Castlecool Lough Egish was acquired in October 2006 and is the largest warehouse in Castlecool’s portfolio. The facility is situated in the Castlecool Food and Business Park along with a number of established businesses. The 180,000 square foot (16,800 sq metre) store is made up of eight segregated stores which range in temperature from ambient, chilled, frozen and plus temperatures.

Castlecool Lough Egish offers a large range of services to its customers. The physical size of the facility gives us potential to offer any service our customer requires. Many customers take advantage of office and space rental which allow them to tailor their Castlecool operations to their specific needs. We also offer secure parking facilities for customer vehicles.

The facility has a total of 11 dock levellers with an indoor tautliner loading facility making it and ideal location for cross docking. The site also offers weighing facilities for any vehicle from a small van to a large HGV if a customer requires. For more information please contact us at the details provided below.


Castlecool Castleblayney

Castlecool Castleblayney was built in 1994 and is the first and original Castlecool warehouse. It is centrally located on the outskirts of Castleblayney conveniently placed near the M1 motorway for access to all the major ports and airports. The store is 66,000 square foot (6,200 sq metre) and is kept at constant frozen (-22°c) temperatures. There are also blast freezing facilities that can quick freeze products at -30°c.

In Castlecool Castleblayney we also offer a number of value added services such as tempering, order picking, manual sorting and quality testing and sampling. See our 'Services' page for more details on each service.

The stores in Castlecool Castleblayney are fully mobile racked to the highest standard allowing us to get the greatest density out of our warehouses. Temperatures are monitored constantly to ensure the integrity of our customers valuable products.

Castlecool Castleblayney has two fully functional loading bays with a total of 8 dock levellers and two roller door access bays. This makes it an ideal location for cross docking services. For more information please contact us at the details provided below.


Castlecool Dundalk

Castlecool Dundalk is a busy facility in the centre of Dundalk. Strategically placed between Dublin and Belfast, and with easy access to the M1, Castlecool Dundalk serves as a distribution centre for some of the biggest brands in Ireland.

Castlecool Dundalk is a multi-purpose distribution centre with fleet parking facilities, ambient, chilled and frozen storage and marshalling areas for any purpose.

The facility has ample room for tautliner deliveries. For more information please contact us at the details provided below.